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报告题目: Histidine kinase: the receptor of β-lactam antibiotics in Gram negative bacteria

报  告 人:Dr. Xiaohui Zhou,

Department of Pathobiology, University of Connecticut

报告时间:10月27日 9:00-10:00

报告地点:徐汇校区(Xuhui Campus)哲生馆101会议室

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Bacteria can produce β-lactamases, enzymes that destroy β-lactam antibiotics and thereby resist these potent antibiotics that target cell wall synthesis. Production of β-lactamases is often controlled by β-lactam-induced perturbations in the cell wall. Here, we have identified a new mechanism controlling β-lactamase production. We found a signaling system in which a membrane-associated histidine kinase directly binds β-lactams, triggering the expression of a β-lactamase and resistance to β-lactam antibiotics. Direct sensing of β-lactam antibiotics may enable sufficiently rapid induction of β-lactamase to degrade β-lactam antibiotics before the integrity of the cell wall is disturbed.