A glimpse of methanogens early evolution through windows of Deep Earth
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【IC-DIL Webinar】From the winners of "Deep Life Paper” and "SiYuan-Ocean Emerging Leader" Awards in 2020(III)
【IC-DIL Webinar】

Speaker:Dr. Yinzhao Wang

Title:“A glimpse of methanogens early evolution through windows of Deep Earth”

Time:June 16th 2021,13 : 00 pm [UTC]  21: 00 pm [Beijing]

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Methanogenesis is considered as the primary biochemical reaction on early Earth which is now solely conducted by Archaea, through a unique pathway with the key enzyme methyl-coenzyme M reductase (MCR) for methane activation/production. Recently, the MCR-based pathway was also found catalyzing ethane, propane and n-butane oxidation. By taking advantage of omics approaches, many previously unknown archaea with MCR were discovered, mostly in hydrothermal environments, which are recognized as windows to Deep Earth. In addition to the Euryarchaeota and Bathyarchaeota, MAGs (metagenome assembled genomes) harbouring mcr genes were found belonging to diverse archaeal lineages including such as the Korarchaeota, Hadesarchaeota, Verstraetearchaeota, Nezhaarchaeota et al., far more diversified than ever recognized. The finding of anaerobic alkane metabolism in diverse archaeal phyla further indicates it as the most ancient biochemical process in the Archaea domain and even one of the earliest life attributes. By taking advantage of phylogenetic and molecular clock analyses, we found that the earliest methanogen might have appeared at late Haden or early Archaean.