Mediator-ing transcription, epigenetics, and cell lineage development
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报告题目: Mediator-ing transcription, epigenetics, and cell lineage development


主讲人简介:中科院生化与细胞所研究员,研究组长,博士生导师,所长助理。1998年获Tulane University分子细胞生物学博士学位。19992005年在加州大学分子生物学研究所先后为博士后及助理研究员,2006年任上海生化细胞所研究员,博士生导师。目前任国际期刊《JBC》、《TRANSCRIPTION》编委,以及《中国细胞生物学报》编委,中国细胞生物学学会秘书长。百人计划和上海浦江人才计划获得者。曾担任国家重大科学研究计划首席科学家。获国务院特殊津贴及中国科学院优秀指导教师奖、朱李月华优秀教师奖。

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讲座简介: Mediator is a multi-protein complex that is required for gene transcription by RNA polymerase II. Multiple subunits of the complex show specificity in relaying information from signals and transcription factors to the RNA polymerase II machinery, thus enabling control of the expression of specific genes. Recent studies from us and other have also provided novel mechanistic insights into the roles of Mediator in epigenetic regulation, transcriptional elongation, termination, mRNA processing, noncoding RNA activation and super enhancer formation. Based on these specific roles in gene regulation, Mediator has emerged as a master coordinator of development and cell lineage determination. Recent advances in understanding the mechanisms of Mediator function will be provided, with an emphasis on its role during development and disease.