Towards bacterial chemical glycobiology
发布时间 :2018-03-26  阅读次数 :4420

报告题目:Towards bacterial chemical glycobiology

报  告 人:李学臣  教授  香港大学

报告时间: 3月30日,10:00-11:30


联  系 人:林双君



To study proteins carrying post-translational modifications, chemical biology approach provides new tools to gain new insights to their biological significance. Over the year, we have developed novel methods to generate homogeneous proteins with site-specific modification structures and modify proteins. In particular, bacterial protein glycosylation has emerged as a new entry to study bacterial pathogenesis and develop novel therapeutic intervention. For instance, P. aeruginosa 1244 pilin is glycosylated with a trisaccharide and the exact biological function of Pse-containing glycans in bacterial glycoproteins remains elusive. In this presentation, we will report our efforts in developing chemical biology tools to study bacterial glycobiology.