Nature as the Ultimate Combinatorial Biosynthetic Chemist for Drug Discovery
发布时间 :2017-11-08  阅读次数 :4960

报告题目:Nature as the Ultimate Combinatorial Biosynthetic Chemist for Drug Discovery

报  告 人:Dr. Ben Shen

Co-Chair and Professor, Department of Chemistry Professor, Department of Molecular Medicine

Director, The Natural Products Library Initiative at TSRI

The Scripps Research Institute, Florida, US

报告时间: 11月13日,9:30 – 10:30


联  系 人:林双君



Natural products are among the best sources of drugs and drug leads, and natural product biosynthesis continues to inspire new chemistry, enzymology, and molecular biology.  The progress made in the last two decades in connecting natural products to the genes that encode their biosynthesis has fundamentally changed the landscape of natural products research and drug discovery.  While Nature’s ability to generate diverse natural products from simple building blocks has inspired combinatorial biosynthesis and made it possible to produce designer natural products and their analogues by rational metabolic pathway engineering, technological advances in DNA sequencing, genome mining, and bioinformatics has also allowed targeted discovery natural product scaffolds by exploring the vast combinatorial biosynthesis repertoire found in Nature.  Selected examples from our current studies will be presented to showcase how to translate fundamental understandings of natural product biosynthesis to natural product drug discovery.