Tunicamycins, Quinovosamycins, and Streptovirudins: Potent Activators of the Penicillin Group of Antibiotics
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报告题目:Tunicamycins, Quinovosamycins, and Streptovirudins:  Potent Activators of the Penicillin Group of Antibiotics

报  告 人:Neil P. J. Price教授,美国农业部农业利用研究中心



联  系 人:贺新义  xyhe@sjtu.edu.cn



Dr. Neil Price is a research chemist at the USDA national laboratory in Peoria, Illinois, USA.  He has a PhD from University of London, and has postdoctoral experience in Geneva, Switzerland, in Toulouse, France, and the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center in Athens, University of Georgia.  His talk will focus on the discovery of new tunicamycin-type antibiotics, including the quinovosamycins and streptovirudins.  These compounds have potent antibacterial activity, but are also potent inhibitors of protein N-glycosylation so are toxic to mammals. Using a synthetic library, the Price lab has identified lead compounds (TunR1 and TunR2) with reduced toxicity, but that retain the antibacterial activity. Importantly, these compounds are inhibitor of TagO, The first step of teichoic acid biosynthesis in bacteria, and are therefore potent enhancers of the penicillins.  The talk will present data on the discovery of less toxic enhancer of penicillins, based on the lead structure of the tunicamycins,quinovosamycins, and streptovirudins.