Epigenomics and precision medicine
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报告题目: Epigenomics and precision medicine

报  告 人: Wei Wang(University of California, San Diego)



邀  请 人:齐颖新教授

联  系 人:韩悦 hanyue625@sjtu.edu.cn



Dr. Wei Wang is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at University of California, San Diego (UCSD). His research interests span from computational biophysics and systems biology to bioinformatics and computational biology. In recent years, he has focused on multi-scale study of epigenetic regulations. He has been a faculty member at UCSD since 2003. Previously, he was a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University. He received his B.S. from Tsinghua University and Ph.D. from University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).