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【报告题目】: Hormonal Control of Shoot Branching

【报 告 人】: Prof. Dr. Ottoline Leyser



Sainsbury Laboratory

University of Cambridge

Bateman Street


【报告时间】: 2013年6月17日(星期一)上午09:30时

【报告地点】: 上海交通大学生命科学技术学院3-105号会议室

【联系人】:  张大兵 教授




BA. Hons. Genetics, Newnham College, Cambridge (1983-1986)

PhD Genetics, Newnham College, Cambridge (1986-1990)


Department of Biology, Indiana University (1990-1993)

Post-doctoral researcher in the laboratory of Prof Mark Estelle

Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge (1993-1994)

Post- doctoral researcher in the laboratory of Dr Ian Furner

Department of Biology, University of York (1994-2010)

Lecturer 1994, Reader 1999, Professor 2002

Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge (2011-)

Professor of Plant Development and Associate Director

Fellow of Clare College (2012-)


AFRC 2+1 Post-doctoral Research Fellowship (1991-1994)

Jenner Research Fellowship, Newnham College, Cambridge (1993-1994)

BBSRC Research Development Fellowship (2001-2003)

Moore Distinguished Scholarship, California Institute of Technology, USA (2003)

Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award (2009-2011)

Awards, Honours and Prizes

KM Stott Research Fellowship Prize, Newnham College, Cambridge (1993)

Society for Experimental Biology President’s Medal (2000)

Royal Society Rosalind Franklin Award (2007)

Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (2007)

Elected a Member of EMBO (2007)

Appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (2009)

University of York Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Award (2009)

International Plant Growth Substance Association Silver Medal (2010)

Elected Foreign Associate, National Academy of Sciences USA (2012)


Editorial Positions

Current Opinion in Plant Biology, Co-editor in Chief 2009-

Science, Board of Reviewing Editors 2010-

Development, Editor 2011-

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, Editor 2011-

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA 2012-

Selected publications since 2002

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