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【报告题目】:Reaction Engineering Classics in Systems Biotechnology

【报告人】:Prof. Wei-Shou Hu

Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota






Classical reaction engineering has long set the foundation for a wide range of industrial processes.  With the widespread application of genomics-based analytical tools and the increasing complexity of biological information, a systems approach incorporating reaction engineering principles has become pivotal in providing insights to biological problems. In the 20th century we saw antibiotics and other natural products became a key class of biochemical driving the advances of biotechnology. In the past decade, protein therapeutics produced by recombinant mammalian cells have emerged as a major class of medicine.  In the decades to come systems biology is poised to drive biotechnological innovations. Through systems biotechnology we will see renaissance of classical biotechnology as well as medical discovery. This presentation will illustrate how classical reaction engineering analysis plays key roles in advancing cellular bioprocessing and biotechnology.