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报告题目:Soil metagenomics: Fundamental and industrial applications

报  告 人:Pascal Simonet 教授

Senior Scientist (DR) CNRS

"Environmental Microbial Genomics group"

Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Universite de Lyon

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联  系 人:张晓君 021-34204878






He began his research activity (PhD, post-doc) with the study of Frankia, an actinobacteria that is able to fix nitrogen in symbiotic association with actinorhizal plants. He has then developed his own research group to investigate the evolution potential of bacteria in environments such as the soil and the plants. For more than 15 years the research group entitled « Gene Transfer and Bacterial Adaptation » that He led at the Lyon University has had the general objectives of determining the involvement of horizontal gene transfers (HGT) in the adaptation and evolution of bacteria to new environments. His studies focused mainly on natural genetic transformation and also, but at a lesser extent, on conjugation. These objectives lead us to develop soil DNA extraction methods and they were among the first to investigate environmental bacteria with metagenomic approaches. Several of their studies were devoted to investigate the fate of DNA released by genetically engineered organisms including the possibility that recombinant DNA transforms indigenous bacteria. They also demonstrated a potential transforming effect on soil bacteria of lightning-generated electrical conditions that in part motivated our move to the “Laboratoire Ampère” (UMR CNRS 5005) at Ecole Centrale de Lyon (ECL) and the creation of the “Environmental Microbial Genomics” group.