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报告题目:  Image-Based Modeling for Better Understanding and Assessment of Atherosclerotic Plaque Progression and Vulnerability

讲 演 人:  唐达林(Dalin Tang)教授

报告时间:  3月21日(星期五)14:00

报告地点:  生物楼3号楼105会议室

联 系 人: 齐颖新 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; 13681951183

讲演人简介: 唐达林(Dalin Tang)博士,现任美国伍斯特理工学院(Worcester Polytechnic Institute)数学和生物医学工程终身教授,东南大学特聘教授、美国心脏学会会士(AHA Fellow)、ASME-JBiomech Eng 副主编等。长期从事心血管疾病临床与基础研究,先后发表学术论文200 余篇;2010 年获WPI 最佳科学研究教授奖、2008 年获WPI 软件开发奖(KalenianAward),2007 年代表美国数学学会向美国国会报告以医学图像为基础的心血管疾病计算力学分析诊断方法的研究成果。美国NIH 曾发表专文高度评价其在心血管疾病的计算力学分析诊断方法的贡献,众多媒体多次转载报道其最新的研究进展。

Abstract: Medical imaging and image-based modeling have made considerable progress in recent years in identifying atherosclerotic plaque morphological and mechanical risk factors which may be used in developing improved patient screening strategies. However, a clear understanding is needed about what we have achieved and what is really needed to translate research to actual clinical practices and bring benefits to public health. Histopathological analysis has served as the gold standard for validation and verification of vulnerable plaque studies. Lack of in vivo data and clinical events to serve as gold standard to validate model predictions is a severe limitation. A review of the key steps and findings of our group in image-based models for human carotid and coronary plaques will be provided, including image and data acquisition, model construction, data analysis and identification of mechanisms and risk factors for plaque progression and rupture. Predictive methods to quantify prediction accuracy of risk factors leading to prediction of acute clinical events will be presented.