发布时间 :2014-05-23  阅读次数 :1846

报告题目:Quantitative proteomics and metabolomics of head and neck cancer cells

报  告 人:Shen Hu, PhD

School of Dentistry, University of California, Los Angeles

报告时间:5月26日 上午10:00-11:00


联  系 人:肖华 021-34205820

Dr. Hu is an Associate Professor and the MS Program Advisor in the Division of Oral Biology and Medicine at the UCLA School of Dentistry. His group is studying head/neck cancer, pancreatic cancer and Sjogren's syndrome using proteomics, with a focus on understanding the molecular mechanisms of diseases and developing diagnostic/therapeutic applications. Using mass spectrometry and protein microarray technology, his group has discovered target proteins involved in malignant transformation and tumor metastasis of head/neck and pancreatic cancers. He is also interested in immunoproteasome in Sjogren's syndrome as well as single cell proteomics and related applications in stem cell and developmental biology.