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报告题目:Soil and Comparative Metagenomics

报 告 人:  Professor Timothy M. Vogel

Environmental Microbial Genomics

École Centrale de Lyon Université de Lyon, France




联 系 人:张晓君  021-34204878



My environmental microbiology research concerns the ability of bacteria to adapt to different environments in general via the exchange of DNA. An excellent model for this adaptation is the fate and effects of xenobiotic compounds. While my work on xenobiotic compounds has included work from soil bioremediation and groundwater treatment to degradation pathways, much of my current microbial ecology research is on the perturbations of microbial communities and the adaptation of microorganisms to xenobiotic compounds (either by mutation, gene transfer or gene shuffling). In addition, within gene transfer, my current research also includes the fate of DNA from transgenic plants - its movement, degradation and potential transfer to bacteria.

My environmental genomics (mostly metagenomics) involves exploring the functional and structural relationships between the environmental genetic resources within a given ecosystem (currently: polluted soil (chlorinated compounds and nickel), microbial fuel cells) and bacterial adaptation and evolution. High throughput techniques, such as microarrays and pyrosequencing, are used to produce data that supports relevant hypotheses.