发布时间 :2014-07-21  阅读次数 :2035

报告题目:Principles of current proteomics technologies and application possibilities for microorganisms

报 告  人:PD Dr. Ansgar Poetsch

Group Leader / Lecturer at Ruhr University Bochum

报告时间:7月23日 下午14:00


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摘要:Proteomics, i.e. the technologies to study the complete protein set of a given sample, has made tremendous progress in the past 10 years and has become a key tool in understanding various aspects of microbial physiology. This tutorial talk will give a brief overview on the most common technologies for protein separation, as well as identification and quantification with mass spectrometry, with a focus on shotgun proteomics. Strengths and weaknesses of 2D gel electrophoresis and gel-free techniques will be compared and special challenges for membrane proteomics discussed. Basic approaches for the identification of proteins and protein modifications will be explained. Furthermore, principles and instrumental realization of the two most important mass spectrometry techniques, MALDI and ESI will be covered. Finally, challenges in microbial proteomics will be mentioned and contrasted with higher eukaryotic model organisms.