发布时间 :2015-03-04  阅读次数 :1914

报告题目:Hybrid chip device for automated two dimensional protein separation

报  告 人:Professor Shaorong Liu

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,University of Oklahoma

报告时间:3月5日  10:00-11:00


联  系 人:曹成喜  021-34205682


报告人介绍:Professor Liu's research is focused primarily on microfabricated systems for bioanalysis. He is especially interested in developing and implementing new separation technologies onto microfluidic devices for DNA and protein analysis. Current active projects include: (1) Development of a hybrid chip-based and automated two dimensional electrophoresis platform for high-speed, high throughput and sensitive protein analysis. His goal is to separate more than 10,000 proteins in one run in less than two hours. (2) Nanocapillary for DNA separations in gel-free separations. (3) Nanomaterials: Fabrication, investigation and application of liquid behavior and mass transport in/through nanochannels. (4) Inventing new micropumps for lab-on-chip devices.