发布时间 :2015-03-23  阅读次数 :2015

报告题目:Role of the cytosolic acyl-CoA-binding proteins in Arabidopsis development

报  告 人:  CHYE Mee Len

报告时间: 3月25日下午15:30


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报告人介绍:M.L. Chye, the Wilson and Amelia Wong Professor in Plant Biotechnology and the associate dean of Graduate School at HKU (the University of Hong Kong), completed her PhD on a Commonwealth Scholarship at the University of Melbourne and received postdoctoral training in Plant Molecular Biology at the Rockefeller University (New York) and the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (Singapore). She joined the University of Hong Kong in 1993 was promoted to Professor in 2005. The main focus of the Chye Lab is to understand the function and mechanism of action of stress-induced plant proteins, particularly plant acyl-CoA-binding proteins (ACBPs). They intend to use them to generate transformed plants that can better tolerate abiotic and biotic stresses since these stresses account for ~40 % loss in crop productivity. Ultimately, investigations on plant ACBPs, and others, will be applied to agriculture and phytoremediation.