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报告题目:A New Approach to Study Nano-Bio Interactions:  Nanomaterial Library-Predictive Toxicology

报 告  人:Ruibin Li, PhD

California NanoSystems Institute

University of California, Los Angeles



联 系  人:肖华 021-3420-5682


Abstract: Nanomaterials are widely used in many fields because of their extraordinary chemico-physical properties, which are also found to induce numerous biological effects. These bio-effects could be either hazardous to environment and health or advantageous to developing biomedical nanoproducts. In order to speed up the studies on nanosafety or bioapplications of nanoparticles, a fundamental understanding of nano-bio interactions is required. However, so far, we are lack of a methodology to figure out the relationship between nanoparticle properties and biological effects. In order to resolve this problems, a nanomaterial library-predictive toxicology based platform was established to investigate nano-bio interactions, which will greatly facilitate the hazard assessment, safe design and bioapplications of nanomaterials.