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报告题目1:How does meiotic recombination mediate genetic variation

报告时间: 9月6日上午10:00


报告题目2:Cytological techniques for analysing meiosis in plants

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报 告 人:  James Higgins

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报告人简介:Dr. James Higgins set up his laboratory in 2013 in the department of Biology at the University of Leicester to translate knowledge and tools from the model plant Arabidopsis to important agronomical crop species such as wheat and barley. This is based on pioneering work carried out in the labs of Chris Franklin and Gareth Jones at the University of Birmingham on Arabidopsis and barley. Over the past ten years he has made several important contributions to the plant meiosis field including the demonstration that crossovers arise via two recombination pathways; isolation of the first plant component of the synaptonemal complex; the first demonstration that the tumour suppressor protein retinoblastoma is an important regulator of meiotic progression. He has used a wide variety of molecular techniques and developed cytological techniques in Arabidopsis and barley. He has published 23 peer-reviewed scientific papers in journals such as Nature Genetics, Genes and Development, EMBO J, Current Biology, The Plant Cell, PLoS Genetics etc.