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报告题目:Drug Discovery for Neglected Diseases

报  告 人:Prof. Ian Gilbert

University of Dundee

报告时间:11月23日(星期一) 13:30 –14:30


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报告人简介:Ian Gilbert: Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

1992 – 1994:   Post Doctoral Associate, University of Cambridge

1994 – 2005: Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer/ Reader in Medicinal Chemistry, Cardiff University

2005 – now:   Head of Chemistry, Drug Discovery Unit,

Head of Division of Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery


As Head of Chemistry Ian leads the chemistry teams on DDU projects, setting strategic objectives and managing progress against milestones.

As a medicinal chemist, Ian’s research interests are primarily in the design and synthesis of potential drugs with a particular focus on:

Diseases of the developing world, Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT), Leishmaniasis and Malaria

Novel approaches to and paradigms for drug discovery

Chemical validation of drug targets, including novel targets for which there is little or no precedence for drug discovery

Chemical methods for drug delivery