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报告题目:RNA methylation – the role of the epitranscriptome

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报  告 人: Dr. Rupert Fray

The University of Nottingham

联  系 人:张大兵 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Rupert's main research interest is the study of messenger RNA (mRNA) methylation in plants and other eukaryotes. His group studies the enzymes involved in the synthesis of N6 methyladenosine, the mRNAs that are targeted for methylation, the consequences of this methylation and the proteins that recognise the modified nucleotide.

He also has a long standing interest in synthetic biology approaches to crop improvement with research areas including the manipulation of plant-microbe interactions through "quorum sensing", chloroplast transformation systems and the production of taxanes in heterologous plant systems.

Selected Publications
1.BODI, ZSUZSANNA, BOTTLEY, ANDREW, ARCHER, NATHAN, MAY, SEAN T and FRAY, RUPERT G, 2015. Yeast m6A Methylated mRNAs Are Enriched on Translating Ribosomes during Meiosis, and under Rapamycin Treatment. PloS one. 10(7), e0132090
2.KRUSE, S., ZHONG, S., BODI, Z., BUTTON, J., ALCOCER, M.J.C., HAYES, C.J. and FRAY, R., 2011. A novel synthesis and detection method for cap-associated adenosine modifications in mouse mRNA Scientific Reports. 1, 126
3.BODI, Z., BUTTON, J.D., GRIERSON, D. and FRAY, R.G., 2010. Yeast targets for mRNA methylation. Nucleic Acids Research. 38(16), 5327-5335
4.ZHONG, S, LI, H, BODI, Z, BUTTON, J, VESPA, L, HERZOG, M and FRAY, R.G., 2008. MTA is an Arabidopsis messenger RNA adenosine methylase and interacts with a homolog of a sex-specific splicing factor Plant Cell. 20(5), 1278-1288