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报告题目:Modeling the Metabolism and Evolution of Microorganisms

报  告 人:Ying Zhang博士

University of Rhode Island

报告时间:12月23日 10:00


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Microorganisms are significant players on the Earth. They account for as much as 90% of the total biomass in the ocean and form tight interactions with human and animal hosts. The advance of high-throughput molecular technologies has enabled the identification and functional classification of microorganisms. However, a systems-level understanding of the function and evolution of microbial life can only be reached through the construction of genome-scale models combining knowledge from multiple disciplines. This talk will present procedures for the integrated modeling that combines comparative genomics, structural biology, and systems biology. Examples will be given to demonstrate the application of such models for studying the metabolism and evolution of microorganisms from a variety of marine and host-associated environments.