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报告题目:Developing Life Science students’ skills for writing research articles for international submission: Potential ways forward at SJTU

报  告 人:Dr Margaret Cargill,School of Agriculture, Food & Wine, University of Adelaide

报告时间:7月8日 13:30-14:30


联  系 人:王灿华 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



This session is based on my 15 years’ experience of working with science academics and their students in China, notably in institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and on the outcomes of the 32 hr summer school course I have just completed at SJTU presenting material from my co-authored textbook Writing scientific research articles: Strategy and steps (Cargill & O’Connor 2013). Scientists worldwide face challenges in training and mentoring their students to produce research articles likely to gain acceptance by journals of the desired level. Relevant insights and teaching strategies for this task are provided by research results from the field of applied linguistics, including on the use of concordancing software to enable authors to systematically examine expert writing to inform their own drafts. These strategies form the basis of the approach laid out in the textbook. Recent research findings indicate that the book can be used successfully by scientists teaching alone once students reach PhD level (Cargill & Smernik 2016), but in the Chinese context there is evidence that earlier introduction to the basic concepts and strategies will be beneficial (Cargill 2011). How can this staged approach best be facilitated at SJTU? How can the interest and expertise of English language professionals in the School of Foreign Languages be harnessed to assist? What strategies for research article writing in English are currently used in the Life Sciences context, and what other strategies might be useful? These and other questions will form the basis of the conversation in the session.


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