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报告题目:Synthetic Biology in Personalized Immunotherapy

报  告 人:Dr. Fei Wen,University of Michigan

报告时间:7月11日 上午10:00


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摘要:Synthetic biology, a relatively young field, has played a pivotal role in bringing biotechnology to the forefront of academic research and industrial practice. By focusing on the engineering of single target proteins, a great number of value-added natural and unnatural proteins have been successfully generated and commercialized, such as monoclonal antibodies, industrial enzymes, protein pharmaceuticals, etc. Looking forward to address challenges in more complex systems, the next generation protein engineering strategies that focus on the function of protein assemblies are desired. In this presentation, I will discuss how these novel strategies will lead to enabling technologies in human health, especially with respect to personalized immunotherapy with the aim to induce sustained and tunable antigen-specific T cell responses.