Molecular Characterization of GMO

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Project Description and Objectives As more and more transgenic crops like transgenic maize and soybean have been approved and consumed as foods and feed, more and more people have become concerned about the safety of transgenic organisms. Molecular characterization of transgenic organisms is the basis for assessing the safety of transgenic organisms. We are developing new detection methods to identify changes that occur at the genomic, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolic levels, and are currently comparing changes between transgenic lines and non-transgenic control lines, as well as between transgenic lines and conventional cultivated lines.  This research will lay the foundation for safety assessment of GMOs.
Eligibility Requirements Applicants should have basic knowledge of biology. Experience in biological research would be an advantage.
Main Tasks The student will be involved in all stages of the project: 1)Design experimental scheme. 2)Perform experiment. 3)Analyze experimental results . 4)Write the experiment report. 5)Finish a research report. 6)Give two presentations on previously published papers and two on original research.

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