Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Inflorescence and Spikelet Development in Rice and Barley

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Project Description and Objectives Rice and barley, the model grass plants, form specialized morphology of inflorescence and spikelet, which determine grain yield. Using a variety of approaches, such as forward and reverse genetics, biochemistry, and cell biology, we are investigating the molecular mechanisms and the regulatory network involved in the morphogenesis and development of inflorescence and spikelets in rice and barley.

Eligibility Requirements Applicants should have basic knowledge of biology. Experience in biological research would be an advantage.

Main Tasks The student will be involved in all stages of the project: 1)Design experimental scheme 2)Perform experiment 3)Analyze experimental results 4)Write the experiment report 5)Finish a research report. 6)Give two presentations on previously published papers and two on original research..

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