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报告题目: Genetic Improvement of Bioenergy Crops

报告时间: 2012年6月19日(星期二)上午09:30时

报告地点: 上海交通大学生命学院树华多功能厅

联系人:张大兵 教授

报 告 人: Chuansheng Mei, Ph.D.

Scientist II (Supervisor)

Institute for Sustainable and Renewable Resources

The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research

150 Slayton Avenue

Danville, VA 24540 USA

Adjunct Faculty

Departments of Horticulture and Forestry

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Blacksburg, VA

Voice: 434-766-6704

Fax: 434-791-3279


1)        Use and explore beneficial bacterial endophytes to boost growth of bioenergy crops, such as switchgrass, hybrid poplar, Miscanthus x giganteus, and Jerusalem artichoke to develop a low input, sustainable bioenergy feedstock production system in collaboration with Dr. Barry Flinn.

2)        Establish and optimize switchgrass tissue culture and transformation system to genetically engineer switchgrass for biomass yield improvement and stress tolerance enhancement. We have transformed 8 genes into switchgrass. These genes are involved in floral development, leaf senescence, and stress tolerance.

3)        Develop micropropagation protocol to produce large number and high quality Miscanthus x giganteus plants for large scale bioenergy feedstock production. A high efficient micropropagation system has been established. The technique has been applied for a US patent and moved to our commercial lab.

4)        Screen different germplasms of Jerusalem artichoke to find out cultivars suitable for Southside Virginia area and establish tissue culture and transformation protocols for quick genetic engineering Jerusalem artichoke to breed elite cultivars for feedstock production in local region.


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