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报告题目: An Alternative Career Path for Life Scientists

报 告 人: Dr. John A. Ryals

President and Chief Executive Officer

Metabolon, Inc.

617 Davis Drive, Suite 400, Durham, NC 27713 USA

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报告联系人: 张大兵 教授

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Dr. Ryals received his Ph. D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Texas at Dallas in 1982.  Following post doctoral work in the lab of Charles Weissmann at the Institute for Molecular Biology at the University of Zurich, Dr. Ryals joined Ciba-Geigy in the Agricultural Biotechnology Research Unit at Research Triangle Park (now Syngenta). Dr. Ryals worked in various research and management positions including Head, Agricultural Biotechnology Research, Vice-President of Biotechnology, Vice-President, Research for Novartis Crop Protection, Inc. and Head of the Biotechnology and Genomics Center of Novartis, Inc.


Dr. Ryals published over 100 peer reviewed papers, including in top journals Science, Cell, PNAS, The Plant Cell, Nature Genetics, and Nature Biotechnology.  He pioneered the research field of Systemic Acquired Resistance in plants with his series publications in The Plant Cell and Science in early nineties when he was in Ciba.  Dr. Ryals is among scientists with the highest citation rate.


In 1997, Dr. Ryals co-founded Paradigm Genetics, Inc., an early systems biology company, and served as the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Science Officer and President and taking the company public in 2000.  After leaving Paradigm Genetics in 2002, Dr. Ryals co-founded Metabolon, Inc. and has served as Chief Executive Officer and President for the past nine years.  Dr. Ryals research interest has been in the development of metabolomics to aid in the development of biotech crops and chemicals, pharmaceutical drug discovery, diagnostics and nutrition.


In 2000, Dr Ryals joined the board of Athenix and served as Chairman from 2000 to 2004 and remained a board member until 2007.

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