Wupeng Yan

Tenure-track Associate Professor

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  • Email: yanwupeng@sjtu.edu.cn
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Selected Publications

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    Yan, W., Markegard, E., Dharmaiah S., Urisman A., Drew M., Esposito D., Scheffzek K., Nissley D., McCormick, F.* and Simanshu, D.K.* (2020) Structural insights into the SPRED1-neurofibromin-KRAS complex and disruption of SPRED1-neurofibromin interaction by oncogenic EGFR. Cell Reports, 32(3), 107909


    Yan, W., Georgiou, G., Stone, E. and Zhang, Y. (2017) Structural rationale for the salt-dependence of engineered cystathionine- γ-lyase for methionine depletion. Biochemistry. 56 (6), 876-88


    Lu W.C.*, Saha A.*, Yan W., Garrison K., Pandey R., Irani S., Tiziani S., Zhang Y.J., Georgiou G., DiGiovanni J., and Stone E. (2020) Enzyme-Mediated Depletion of Serum L-Met Abrogates Prostate Cancer Growth via Multiple Mechanisms without Evidence of Systemic Toxicity. PNAS, 117(23), 13000-13011.


    Lee, C. H.*, Romain, G.*, Yan, W., Watanabe, M., Charab, W., Todorova, B., Lee J., Triplett, K.,et al. (2017). IgG Fc Domains that bind C1q but not effector Fc gamma receptors delineate that significance of complement-mediated cell cytotoxicity and phagocytosis in antibody function. Nature Immunology. 18 (10), 1173-1173


    Cramer, S.*, Saha, A.*, Tadi, S.*, Tiziani, S., Yan, W., Triplett, K., Lamb, C., Alters, S., Johnson, D., Zhang, Y., DiGiovanni, J., Georgiou, G.*, and Stone, E.* (2016). Systemic depletion of serum L-Cyst(e)ine with an engineered human enzyme induces production of reactive oxygen species and suppresses tumor growth in mice. Nature Medicine. 23, 120–127