Shao Wenguang

Tenure-track Associate Professor

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  • The lab aims to contribute to 1) the development of novel computational methods and statistical models to analyze mass spectrometry-based data, 2) the applications of advanced data analysis of multi-omics profiling for personalized medicine, 3) the development of novel algorithms and databases for cancer immunotherapy.

Selected Publications

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    P. Forny*, X. Bonilla*, D. Lamparter*, W. Shao*, et al. “Integrated multi-omics reveals anaplerotic insufficiency in methylmalonyl-CoA mutase deficiency” Nature Metabolism  2023 (共一,按姓氏排列)


    W. Shao, E. Caron, P. Pedrioli, R. Aebersold. “The SysteMHC Atlas: a Computational Pipeline, a Website, and a Data Repository for Immunopeptidomic Analyses” Methods in Molecular Biology. 2120:173-181 (2020) (一作;通讯)


    W. Shao*, T. Guo*, N. Toussaint, U. Wagner, G. Ratsch, P. Wild, R. Aebersold et al. “Comparative analysis of mRNA degradation and protein degradation in 68 pairs of adjacent prostate tissue samples indicates high stability of proteins.” Nature Communications 10, 2524.


    W. Shao, P. Pedrioli, W. Wolski, C. Scurtescu, et al. “The SysteMHC Atlas project.” Nucleic Acids Research 46, 1237-1247.


    W. Shao, H. Lam. “Tandem mass spectral libraries of peptides and their roles in proteomics research.” Mass Spectrometry Reviews 5, 634-648.