Tingting Huang

Research Professor

  • Tel: +86-021
  • Email: tingwing82@sjtu.edu.cn
  • Address: Room C402,SCSB,800 Dongchuan Rd
  • Lab Web: http://mml.sjtu.edu.cn/

Education and Research Experience

  • Education
  • Ph.D., 2011, Microbiology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • M.S., 2006, Microbiology, Nanjing Agricultural University  
  • B.S., 2003, Bioloby Science, Nanjing Agricultural University  
  • Research experience 
  • 2019.12~ now,Research Associate Professor / Associate Researcher,School of Life Science and Technology,Shanghai Jiao Tong University 
  • 2018.04-2019.12,Assistant Researcher, School of Life Science and Technology,Shanghai Jiao Tong University 
  • 2015.05-2018.03,Postdoctor, School of Pharmacy,Shanghai Jiao Tong University 
  • 2011.10-2015.04,Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Chemistry, The Scirpps Research Institute, Florida, USA

Research Interests

Characterization of novel natural product biosynthetic gene clusters

Characterization of novel microbial natural product biosynthetic gene clusters;

Engineering of natural product structure diversity by synthetic biology methods.

Elucidation of novel enzymes and mechanisms of catalysis

Elucidation of novel enzymes and mechanisms of catalysis

Selected Publications

  • •  

    NRPS Protein MarQ Catalyzes Flexible Adenylation and Specific S-Methylation, ACS Chemical Biology, 2018.09, 13(9): 2387~2391


    Functional Characterization of PyrG, an Unusual Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetase Module from the Pyridomycin Biosynthetic Pathway, ChemBioChem, 2016.08.3, 17(15): 1421~1425 


     Crystal structure of SgcJ, an NTF2-like superfamily protein involved in biosynthesis of the nine-membered enediyne antitumor antibiotic C-1027, Journal of Antibiotics, 2016.10, 69(10): 731~740


    Mechanisms of Self-Resistance in the Platensimycin- and Platencin-Producing Streptomyces platensis MA7327 and MA7339 Strains , Chemist ry & Biology, 2014.3.20, 21(3): 389~397


    Identification and characterization of the pyridomycin biosynthetic gene cluster of Streptomyces pyridomyceticus NRRL B-2517 , Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2011.6.10, 286 (23): 20648~20657