Lei Cai

Research Professor

  • Tel: +86-021-62932151转8213
  • Email: lcai@sjtu.edu.cn / cailei2010@126.com
  • Address: Rm. 213, little white house, 55 Guangyuanxi Rd, Xuhui district, Shanghai
  • Outstanding youth member of the journal "Chinese Medical Ethics", member of Shanghai Jiaotong University human Ethics Committee, school library information specialist. Research interests are the molecular basis study of mind-body interaction and the integration analysis of genetic big data.

Selected Publications

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    1. Cai L, He L. Placebo effects and the molecular biological components involved. Gen Psychiatr. 2019; 32(5): e100089.

    2. Cai L, Huang T, Su J, Zhang X, Chen W, Zhang F, He L, Chou KC. Implications of Newly Identified Brain eQTL Genes and Their Interactors in Schizophrenia. Mol Ther Nucleic Acids. 2018; 12: 433-442.

    3. Cai L, Zheng LA, He L. The forty years of medical genetics in China. J Genet Genomics. 2018; 45(11): 569-582.

    4. Yu H, Yan H, Li J, Li Z, Zhang X, Ma Y, Mei L, Liu C, Cai L, Wang Q, Zhang F, Iwata N, Ikeda M, Wang L, Lu T; Chinese Schizophrenia Collaboration Group, Li M, Xu H, Wu X, Liu B, Yang J, Li K, Lv L, Ma X, Wang C, Li L, Yang F, Jiang T, Shi Y, Li T, Zhang D, Yue W. Common variants on 2p16.1, 6p22.1 and 10q24.32 are associated with schizophrenia in Han Chinese population. Mol Psychiatry. 2017; 22(7): 954-960.

    5. Wang MY, Yang XM, Zhang P, Cai L, Yang XB, Chen YW, Jing YY, Kong JL, Yang XW, Sun FL. Sustained Delivery Growth Factors with Polyethyleneimine-Modified Nanoparticles Promote Embryonic Stem Cells Differentiation and Liver Regeneration. Adv. Sci. 2016, 1500393. doi: 10.1002/advs.201500393.

    6. Cai L, Chen T, Yang J, Zhou K, Yan X, Chen W, Sun L, Li L, Qin S, Wang P, Yang P, Cui D, Burmeister M, He L, Jia W, Wan C. Serum trace element differences between Schizophrenia patients and controls in the Han Chinese population. Sci Rep. 2015; 5: 15013. doi: 10.1038/srep15013.

    7. Cai L, Deng SL , Liang L, Pan H, Zhou J, Wang MY, Yue J, Wan CL, He G, He L. Identification of genetic associations of SP110/MYBBP1A/RELA with pulmonary tuberculosis in the Chinese Han population (2013). Human Genetics. 132:265-273.