Recruitment of Excellent Young Scholars

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1. Recruiting Target, Position and Qualifications 

Recruiting Target: Excellent Young Scholars

Position: Tenure-track Associate Professor 


(1) Applicants should be under the age of 40. 

(2) Applicants should hold doctorate of world-class universities and have over 3 consecutive years’ academic work experience in overseas renowned institutions, carry out innovative research in academic foreland, acquire important achievements, display strong academic potentials and reach the level of assistant professors in world-class universities. For extremely outstanding scholars who have obtained a doctorate overseas, the requirement on length of overseas work experience could be relaxed. 

2. Compensation Package and Support 

  1. Competitive annual salaries and housing allowances including allowance from the National and Shanghai Municipal Government will be provided. Fully furnished Teachers Apartment is available at preferential rent. 
  2. Special quotas for recruiting doctoral students will be provided. 
  3. Laboratories and research assistant will be provided in accordance with the discipline and work demand. 
  4. SJTU will provide social insurance or transact commercial insurance and provide housing accumulation funds for talents in accordance with the relevant State and Shanghai municipal policies. 
  5. Relying on the rich medical resources of 13 affiliated hospitals, SJTU will provide good medical care for talents, SJTU will also help with job arrangements for the spouse as well as talents’ children’s entrance into SJTU affiliated kindergarten, primary school and secondary school. 

3. How to Apply 

Applicants can submit the applications to the corresponding contacts of relevant schools or to the School HR Department (detailed contact info attached below). Application materials include: CV, Publication List, 3-5 representative publications and copies of degree certificates. (Please mark the position you apply). 


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