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2008-03-31: 医学博士(荣誉-优等) 海德堡大学 医学院 论文题目:活化蛋白C在糖尿病中对细胞进行保护的分子机制
2003-06-30:理科硕士(优等) 莫斯科州立大学 基础医学 论文题目:活化蛋白C在糖尿病中对细胞进行保护的分子机制

2014-2016:联合研究员——分子细胞生物学和分子代谢控制 德国海德堡癌症研究中心(DKFZ) 海德堡大学。
2008-2009:博士后——内科医学 海德堡大学医学院。
2004-2008:研究员(博士)——内科医学 海德堡大学医学医院。


Keywords: neuroscience, microRNA, metabolism, neurodegeneration, obesity, circadian, transcription regulation and epigenetic control in eukaryotes, mouse.

Chronic metabolic and neurodegenerative syndromes, such as diabetes mellitus, obesity or Parkinson’s disease, represent a growing epidemic, especially in the constantly aging western populations. These currently incurable complex traits result from a failure in the interplay of environmental factors, humoral signals, extra- and intracellular enzymatic cascades, genetic and epigenetic signals in the central nervous system and in the periphery. Physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms involved in these processes require intensive research to provide the patients with novel therapeutic strategies. The lab has a strong interest in studying the role of distinct neuronal population-specific non-coding RNAs in chronic complex traits disorders. In perspective, the integration of expression and functional data from mouse and patient brain samples will provide novel insights for future genome wide association studies aiming to identify genetic variants within non-coding RNA genes and/or within the genes influenced by these RNA species aiming to decipher the mechanisms involved in metabolic and neurodegenerative disorders.  


Original publications:
1. Domanskyi A., Alter H., Vogt M.A., Gass P., and Vinnikov I.A. (2014) Transcription factors Foxa1 and Foxa2 are required for adult dopamine neurons maintenance, Front Cell Neurosci 8.
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• previewed in: Brownlee M. (2007) Preventing kidney cell suicide, Nature Medicine 13, 1284-1285.
• highlighted in: Gilbert R.E., and Marsden P.A. (2008) Activated Protein C and Diabetic Nephropathy, New England Journal of Medicine 358, 1628-1630.
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Book chapters:
1. Vinnikov I.A., Nawroth P.P., Isermann B.: Thrombomodulin-Protein-C-System, Protein Z. In: Pötzsch B., Madlener K., eds. Hämostaseologie (Haemostaseology). Berlin, Germany: Springer-Verlag, 2010: 245-258.
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Other contributions:
1. Isermann B., Thati M., Vinnikov I., Herzog S., Huntscha S., Bender R., Weiler H., Bierhaus A., and Nawroth P.P. (2005) Loss of TM-dependent PC-activation predisposes to diabetic nephropathy: Potential role of endothelial apoptosis, Blood 106, 301A-301A.
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2011 Neuroscience 2011's pool of "Hot Topic" newsworthy research. Society for Neuroscience, Washington, USA.
2008 Summa cum laude M.D. degree. Faculty of Medicine, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany.
2008 Best abstract award. Society of Thrombosis and Haemosthasis, Wiesbaden, Germany.
2007 Sigi-Ziering prize. German and Austrian Societies of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Vienna, Austria.