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Recently, the international authoritative journal Metabolic Engineering released "Engineering the central biosynthetic and secondary metabolic pathways of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain PA1201 to improve PCA production"(, the research findings of He Yawen research group from School of Life Sciences and Biotechnologies and State Key Laboratory of Microbial Metabolism, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The first author is the doctoral candidate Jin Kaiming and Zhou Lian, associate research fellow.

Natural pesticide metabolites is an important development direction. Phenazino-1-carboxylic acid is a new bio-pesticide worked out by Xu Yuquan group together with Shanghai Pungmul. It got the the pesticide registration certificate in 2011 and its main ingredients could defend the crops from a series of crop diseases efficiently and environmental-friendly.

To lower down the cost, He Yawen group segregates a new biocontrol pseudomonas PA1201 to produce phenazine carboxylic acid pca and Phenazine - 1 - amide at the same time(Acta Microbiologica Sinica, 2015,55:401-11). Based on this, with the help of promoter replacement stategry, the metabolic flux got effective transmission, Phenazine synthetic gene cluster got high-efficiency expression and the tripartite efflux system of phenazine carboxylic acid pca got optimized; markerless deletion made the fermentation potency of Phenazino-1-carboxylic acid improved 53.6 times to 9 gpl, which would significantly decrease the production cost.

Zhang Xuehong group from School of Life Sciences and Biotechnologies also made progress in high-yielding research of 2-OH-PHZ etc. Now they are applying for patent for invention. Liu Jianhua group made progress in Phenazine metabolites' systhesis regulation. Related researched were assisted by Ministry of Science and Technology 863 Project (No. 2012AA022107), Five-year science and technology support plan (No. 2012BAD19B01), Project 973 (No. 2012CB721000)and Shanghai municipal education commission key projects of scientific research and innovation (No. GM0800004).




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