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Xiang Xiao Profile Page
Xiang Xiao
Xiang Xiao


1. Education
1998.07, Ph.D. degree in Molecular Microbiology, Huazhong Agriculture University, Wuhan, China
1990.07, Bachelor of Microbiology, Huazhong Agriculture University, Wuhan, China
2. Working Experiences
1990.7-1992.8 Research fellow at Wuhan Agricultural Academy in chemistry
1999.2-2002.3 Post Dr of University of Osnabrueck, Germany
1998.7 -2008.12 Principal investigator of the Third Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic administration of China.
2003.1 -2008.12 the head of key lab of marine genetic resources, State Oceanic administration of China.
2009.3 Till now Distinguished Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University
3. Professional Affiliations:
Vice Chairman, China Association for Marine Microbiology;


Dr. Xiao’s research has focused on the deep sea ecosystem and extremophile since 2001. Good efforts have been made in the qualitative and quantitative description of microorganisms using molecular methods (Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis, Fluorescent in situ Hybridization, Real-Time PCR, Chips, Pyrosequencing and Single cell sequencing) and the investigations of novel microbial processes in deep sea hydrothermal vents, cold seep and sediments. During the last years, he succeeded in isolating and genetic manipulating of several groups of extremophiles such as piezophile, thermophiles and psychrophiles. Genomic and metagenomic analysis of the model strains and chimney microbial consortium have summaried as good stories about the stratigies of molecular adaptation and community evolution in the sepeci field deep sea environment.


Selected Publications
1 Chen Y, Wang F, Xu J, Mehmood MA, Xiao X* (corresponding author). Physiological and evolutionary studies of NAP systems in Shewanella piezotolerans WP3. ISME J. 2010 Dec 2. [Epub ahead of print]
2 Xie W, Wang F, Guo L, Chen Z, Sievert SM, Meng J, Huang G, Li Y, Yan Q, Wu S, Wang X, Chen S, He G, Xiao X* (co-corresponding author), Xu A*. Comparative metagenomics of microbial communities inhabiting deep-sea hydrothermal vent chimneys with contrasting chemistries. ISME J. 2010 Oct 7. [Epub ahead of print]
3 Meng J, Wang F, Wang F, Zheng Y, Peng X, Zhou H, Xiao X* (corresponding author). An uncultivated crenarchaeota contains functional bacteriochlorophyll a synthase. ISME J. 2009 Jan;3(1):106-16.
4 Xiang Zeng, Jean-Louis Birrien, Yves Fouquet, Georgy Cherkashov, Mohamed Jebbar, Joël Querellou, Philippe Oger, Marie-Anne Cambon-Bonavita, Xiang Xiao*(co-corresponding author) and Daniel Prieur*. Pyrococcus CH1, an obligate piezophilic hyperthermophile isolated from a deep-sea hydrothermal vent ISME J. 2009 Jul;3(7):873-6
5 Fengping Wang, Huaiyang Zhou, Jun Meng, Xiaotong Peng, Lijing Jiang, Ping Sun, Chuanlun Zhang, Joy D. Van Nostrand, Ye Deng, Zhili He, Liyou Wu, Jizhong Zhou*, and Xiang Xiao* (co-corresponding author) GeoChip-based Analysis of Metabolic Diversity of Microbial Communities at the Juan de Fuca Ridge Hydrothermal Vent. PNAS 2009 Mar 24;106(12):4840-5.
6 Wang F, Wang FP, Li Q, Xiao X* (corresponding author) A novel filamentous phage from a deep sea bacterium Shewanella piezotolorans WP3 is induced at low temperature. JB 2007 Oct;189(19):7151-3
7 Fengping Wang, Jianbin Wang, Shengkang Li, Xiang Zeng, Douglas Hoyt Bartlett, Songnian Hu, Xiang Xiao* (corresponding author) Genome sequence and expression analysis of Shewanella piezotolerans WP3, a piezotolerant and psychrotolerant deep-sea iron reducing bacterium PLoS ONE. 2008 Apr 9;3(4):e1937.
8 Li Q, Wang FP, Xiang Xiao* ( corresponding author) The exposed aromatic and hydroxyl residues on the surface of the N-terminal domains of Chi1 from Aeromonas caviae CB101 are essential for chitin binding and hydrolysis. Appl Environ Microbiol 2005, 71: 7559-7561
9 Xiao X, Yin XB, Lin J, Sun LG, You ZY, Wang P, and Wang FP. Chitinase genes in the lake sediments of Ardeley Island, Antarctica. Appl Environ Microbiol 2005, 71: 7904-7909
10 Xiao X , Wang P, Zeng X, Bartlett DH, Wang FP Shewanella psychrophila sp. nov., Shewanella piezotolerans sp. nov., two new Shewanella species from west Pacific deep-sea sediment IJSEM 2007 57: 60-65
12 Wang F, Wang FP, Li Q, Xiang Xiao* (corresponding author) A novel filamentous phage from a deep sea bacterium Shewanella piezotolorans WP3 is induced at low temperature. JB 2007 Oct;189(19):7151-3
13 Xu MX, Wang FP, Xiang Xiao* (corresponding author) Construction and preliminary analysis of a metagenomic library from a deep sea sediment of east pacific nodule province. FEMS Microbial Ecology 2007 Dec;62(3):233-41
14 Xu Jun, Liu Lupeng, Xu Minjuan, Philippe Oger, Wang Fengping, Mohamed Jebbar* and Xiang Xiao* (corresponding author) Complete genome sequence of the obligate piezophilic hyperthermophilic archaea Pyrococcus yaynosii CH1. JB 2011 Aug


Selected Foundations:
In last ten years, Xiao Xiang has taken responsibilities in most national deep sea microbiology research programs such as Deep sea cultivative and uncultured microorganism research (863, Principal Investigator, 2004-2005, RMB 2,000,000; Chief Scientist 2007-2010, RMB 19,600,000), Deep sea microorganism and carbon cycle research (973 sub, Principal Investigator, 2001-2005, RMB 1,000,000), Deep sea biological and genetic resources (COMRA, Chief Scientist, 2001-2010, RMB 19,600,000), Deep sea cold seep research (NSF-key funds, Principal Investigator 2009-2012, 1,600,000RMB), and National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (Biology Oceanography, Principal Investigator 2006,2,000,000 RMB). Xiao Xiang leaded COMRA deep sea hydrothermal vent biodiversity research cruise in 2008 as chief scientist

State Class Persons of National Talents Engineering of Ministry of Personnel of China 2008;
Model worker of Xiamen City 2008;
National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars 2007