Teaching Administration Office

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Jing Tan                                                              Responsibilities

Office Director                                                     Teaching fellow administration

Room: 2-119                                                          Undergraduate teaching administration

Tel: 34204770                                                      Office management

E-mail : tanjing@sjtu.edu.cn

Xiaoying Wang                                                   Responsibilities

Office Deputy Director                                         Graduate student admission

Room: 2-119                                                        Graduate teaching administration

Tel: 34204770

E-mail : wxiaoying@sjtu.edu.cn

Juan Xia                                                              Responsibilities

Graduate Teaching Secretary                              Graduate teaching service

Room: 2-119                                                        International student service

Tel: 34204770                                                      Summer school and exchange program

E-mail: xiajuan19@sjtu.edu.cn

Yishan Lin                                                           Responsibilities

Undergraduate Teaching Secretary                     Undergraduate teaching service

Room: 2-119                                                        Undergraduate student enrollment

Tel: 34204770    

E-mail: linyishan@sjtu.edu.cn


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